Commercial Case Study: Karndean Designflooring, UK

Inspired by our strong brand, OEG interiors were tasked with designing a contemporary break out area that would entice staff away from their desks at lunch time whilst, at the same time as doubling up as an engaging meeting space.

Tapping into the modern industrial trend, we opted for an exposed ceiling and feature lighting pendants with bespoke finishes.

Uniquely, our space features a one of a kind concrete ping pong table inspired by the well-known James Du Wulf ping pong and dining table, which has been designed to also operate as a conference table.


Above image shows Canberra Slate LM06 and Morning Oak Parquet AP06 from our newly updated Art Select Stones and Woods collection.



What do you think of our new break out area? Check out the full case study on our website. 

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