Commercial case study: ATG Media, UK

ATG 01

The UK’s leading workplace designers, Maris Interiors looked to Karndean’s Van Gogh VGW87T Walnut for inspiration to complete its latest office fit-out for ATG Media.

A global pioneer of webcast and timed online auctions, ATG Media appointed Maris to take the lead in relocating more than 100 staff from Shaftesbury Avenue into a larger and more efficient space at The Harlequin Building in South Bank.

Colin Owen, design director of Maris Interiors said: “We always envisaged a contemporary warm timber look in this interior. The striking tones and linear grains of VGW87T Walnut with its variable rich chocolate and warm mid brown tones fitted our criteria perfectly.

“As we’ve already specified Karndean in a number of office fitouts, we obviously recognised its superior design capabilities as a stylish and durable alternative to real wood. It’s certainly the best representation of real wood on the market.

Check out the full case study on our website. 

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