Get the look – 80’s modern style

As part of our 40th anniversary celebrations, we’ve been taking you through the decades, starting with where it all began in the 1970’s. This month, we’re looking to inspire you once again with our 1980’s modern style. 

In the 80’s, a modern look often reflected the ‘less is more’ approach, with minimalist spaces showcasing clean-lined furniture. Dusty neutrals were a popular unifying hue, against soft pastel colours, while statement, chintz reinforced a stark, modern look.

Take a step down memory lane by injecting a touch of 1980’s style into your home, but with a modern twist.

Check out our design team’s top tips and tricks below:

80's KP96 Mid Limed Oak Living_LS1

 Above and below images show Mid Limed Oak KP96 from our Knight Tile collection.

Colour – Look to soft, clean and muted colours for your walls. The growing concern for the environment is reflected in this palette with colours reminiscent of cut timber- warm, gentle shades that are easy to live with and relaxing. We’ve selected Dulux’s ‘Dusted Moss’ as our base wall colour against subtle grey striped wallpaper.

Fabric – Chintz is back. In the 1980’s everyone wanted the English Country look with rooms filled of cotton fabrics that can be either a solid colour or beautifully printed floral. We’ve decorated our room with lush peonies from Laura Ashley’s ‘Peony Amethyst’ fabric collection. 

Karndean 40 Dec2013-10722

Furniture – When it comes to filling your room with key pieces, look to create a sense of light and space with on-trend white-washed book cases, TV units or side tables. We’ve opted for clean vintage pieces. Pair with a statement floor lamp to add interest and additional light in your scheme.

Designflooring – Look to the fifth wall (the floor, of course) to add a rustic and modern edge to your 1980’s theme. With its striking colour variations of dusty pale browns and hints of softer golden hues, our Knight Tile Mid Limed Oak (KP96) looks great with both eclectic vintage and more traditional interior styles.

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