Get the look – 70’s retro style

As part of our 40th anniversary celebrations, we’ll be taking you through the decades, starting with where it all began in the 1970’s.

Heavily inspired by music and travel with strong Moroccan and Asian influences, there are so many ways to add elements of 1970’s décor into your space. The bright colours and unmistakable patterns of the 70’s are swinging back into our homes, but with a modern twist.

Get started with fabrics and textures reminiscent of the 70’s and you’ll immediately get a sense of where your décor needs to go in order to inject elements of the era into your home.

Check out our design team’s top tips and tricks below:

70's set lanscape 01 copy 4

Colour – Approach your colour scheme with confidence and look to introduce ethnic, earthy tones such as sand, brown, mustard, burnt orange and deep shades of red.

Wallpaper – Look for truly daring, vibrant and lively wall coverings. The bigger and bolder the pattern, the more impact. We love Orla Keily’s Harlequin Flower Tile design in ‘Clementine’ with its beautiful vertical pattern repeats (as shown below).

70's set portrait 01 edit

Furniture – Retro and vintage furniture should offer an abstract feel.  Sofas should be broad and elongated with clean lines, and teamed with coloured throw pillows for an added splash of colour.  Here we’ve selected a statement sofa from G Plan’s Vintage ‘The Fifty Nine’ collection and chair from G Plan’s Vintage ‘The Sixty Two’ collection.

Designflooring – Here’s where we’ve added the modern twist to complete this look, with an alternative take on a classic Parquet floor. This eye catching block design is achieved by laying three horizontal pieces against three vertical pieces in a continuous pattern. The golden tones, detailed graining and gentle textures of Auburn Oak Parquet from our popular Art Select collection complements this space perfectly.

70's set LP's

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