Hurrah! It’s a boy!

toddler on floor_sharps

With the very exciting news of the latest addition to the royal family, everyone’s all a jitter with questions. Whose nose will he have? Will he have the ears? When will we see some pictures?!

Here at Karndean, we’re just wondering whether or not Kate and Wills’ new home at Kensington Palace is prepared for life with a little one.

With over £1 million invested in remodelling the apartment for the family of three, we hope they took time to consider their options for flooring. It’s important that their floors can handle the yogurt flinging of the toddler, the tyre marks of toy cars and the muddy football boots of teenagers. After all, a royal baby can still make a royal mess!

With our floors already laid in Buckingham Palace, we hope the Duke and Duchess took a tip from their royal relatives. After all, all of our floors come with a 12 – 20 year guarantee, which means if they lay an Art Select or Da Vinci floor in their baby’s nursery today, it will still look good as new when he heads off to university!

What do you think the new heir’s nursery will look like? Which floor would you suggest? Our personal favourite is our Art Select Blonde Oak parquet shown above – it’s definitely fit for royalty.

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[Image courtesy of Sharps bedroom furniture.]

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