Pattern Crazy: 4 Ways to Add Interest to Your Interior Using Pattern

One of the hottest interior trends this year is the use of pattern to add interest to otherwise neutral spaces. Geometric patterns and bold prints are everywhere – and in everything – from furniture and lighting, to curtains, cushions and accessories.

So how can you make this trend work in your own home?

1. Mix colours, patterns and textures. This look is all about mixing materials, not just patterns – so go crazy! Don’t only focus on finding interesting patterns and designs, but also ensure you’re picking up different materials and textures as well.
 2. Pick a colour palette and run with it. As long as you stick with a common colour palette, you can mix as many varying patterns as you’d like. Don’t you think our Da Vinci Australian Walnut floor (below) is the perfect canvas for this palette of greens?


3. Invest in Ikat. With its Middle Eastern feel and use of bright, bold colours, Ikat fabrics are especially popular right now. Madeline Weinrib’s Ikat collection (below) is one of our favourites. And with patterns available in soft cottons or rich velvet, you can add interest to your space with both pattern and texture.


4. Think beyond fabrics. It’s easy to just think of soft furnishings when adding pattern to your home, but interesting designs are showing up more and more in other products for your home as well. A great example of this is the adorable Orla Keily patterned radio (below) we used in a recent photo shoot for our new Knight Tile York Stone flooring.

Want to find the perfect canvas for your new wonderful (and pattern-full) space? Visit our website:

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