Get the Look: Contemporary Scandinavian

Achieve a sleek Scandi look in your home with a few helpful hints and tips straight from our in-house photography director and Global Creative Manager, Debbie Munden.

  • Keep your overall colour scheme neutral using mostly cream, beige and light grey tones.
  • Introduce natural wood throughout your space – key to getting the Scandinavian look.
  • Go for lighter floors, which work well as a neutral palette for your design. The choppy bleached blonde tones of our new Knight Tile Pale Limed Oak and Opus Niveus wood planks are two great options. [Floor shown below: Knight Tile Pale Limed Oak]

  • If you keep your floors, walls and windows neutral with clean, simple lines, you can then start to add colour with fun and playful bold shades, as shown in the children’s playroom below. [Floor: Knight Tile Lime Washed Oak]

  • Opt for functionality over frills. Scandi-style furniture is stylish, but also unfussy and practical. So ditch the overly decorative pieces and replace them with more clean-lined choices.
  • Add interest with statement pieces. From eye-catching patterns on cushions or accessories to conversation-starting lamps, wall art and other eclectic, unique trinkets.

To learn more about the products featured in this article, follow the links below:

UK – Knight Tile Pale Limed Oak, Knight Tile Lime Washed Oak, Opus Niveus

AUS – New Knight Tile available October 1st; Opus Niveus

USA – Knight Tile, Opus Niveus

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