Lessons from the Design Table: Funky and Eclectic Contrasting Wood Tones

Our floor layer and showroom designer had so many great ideas at our session yesterday that we couldn’t squeeze them all into one post! Yesterday’s designs required a lot of tricky cutting, but today’s examples use both parquet and our full sized Art Select planks to show how you can get creative with our products without having to make any additional cuts. This means it’s easier to lay for your floor fitter, yet the end result will still give you a non-traditional parquet look that’s sure to add interest and a funky edge to your space.

The first design our lovely showroom designer, Estelle, shared with us is a classic herringbone parquet pattern with an unexpected modern twist achieved by mixing two contrasting wood tones. We love this combination of our Auburn Oak and Black Oak parquet planks and think they would look fantastic with eclectic style décor.

Classic Herringbone with a Twist

If you like the look of the contrasting parquet planks above, but have a larger space to cover, you’ll love the design below which is the exact same pattern using our full size Art Select planks (Dawn Oak and Midnight Oak). It was a difficult task, but Estelle fit as many of the planks on our design table as possible…you get the idea!

Full size Art Select Planks

One of our commercial images shows this same chevron effect laying pattern using full size planks in the same light Spring Oak plank throughout. This design definitely adds a contemporary feel to this commercial entrance space, but how stylish would it be in a home?

Sticking with the theme of mixing contrasting wood tones, the final laying pattern we’re going to show you today is perfect if you’d like to make a real statement in your space. This tri-colour t-shaped parquet design looks great with three separate colours or all the same shade – it just depends on how bold you want to go.

What do you think of the designs we’ve shown you so far – are you inspired? Remember to share your own Karndean Designflooring creations on our Facebook timeline or Twitter. We look forward to seeing what other interesting ideas are out there!

Learn more about our Art Select woods or view our online brochure on our website:

UK Art Select, UK online brochure

USA Art Select, USA online brochure

AUS Art Select, AUS online brochure

2 thoughts on “Lessons from the Design Table: Funky and Eclectic Contrasting Wood Tones

  1. I love the parquet flooring, but I’m waiting for the blonde oak parquet to become available in the U.S. I need a lighter shade than the auburn. Is is coming soon? How can I order it?

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