Lessons from the Design Table: Traditional Parquet with a Twist

There are so many talented floor layers out there helping clients bring their imaginative designs to life – and coming up with their own new laying patterns – every day. One of our most innovative fitters, Neil, and a member of our showroom team, Estelle, took time out of their busy days to show us some new and interesting ways to cut, redesign and lay our traditional parquet. If you’re interested in parquet for your space, but want something truly unique and different, you’ll love what Neil’s come up with below.

The first design he showed us was a box inspired parquet pattern with a darker Auburn Oak centre accent. The overall look of this floor would be light, but the darker inserts add warmth and visual interest to the design. How great would this look in an entrance hall? A study? Or even a living room?

Like this look, but you’d rather have a darker toned floor for your space?  You could try the same design, but inverted with our lighter Blonde Oak parquet as your centre piece (shown below). If you’d like, you could even forget the two-toned look altogether and ask your specialist fitter to create the parquet boxes pattern with the same colour product throughout.

If you’re a fan of the repeating box pattern above, but want to take the design even further, you could ask your specialist fitter to recreate this unique quilted parquet design Neil has cleverly crafted from our Auburn Oak parquet planks.

Unique quilted parquet laying pattern with Karndean Designflooring planks.

A slightly different take on his quilted parquet design that’s a little more “out of the box” is the diamond quilted parquet pattern he’s demonstrated for us below. This particular design will give the illusion of both square and diamond shapes, adding visual interest and a modern edge to your space. We’re guessing this floor would be a great conversation starter!

That’s it for today, but for other ideas on how you can personalise your space with Karndean Designflooring, check back for more inspiration over the next few days.

Do you have Karndean Designflooring parquet in your home? Or are you a fitter who has laid parquet in a new and different way? If so, we’d love to see it. Post a picture on our Facebook timeline or shoot us an email to SocialMedia@Karndean.co.uk. We look forward to seeing what other interesting ideas are out there!

View our full Art Select parquet collection on our website or visit your local retailer to start planning your unique space today. Also, at each of our headquarters we also offer a personalised design service. If you’re nearby, pop into one of our showrooms and have a play on our design tables for yourself.

UK Art Select parquet, UK Find a Retailer, UK Showroom

USA Art Select parquet coming soon! USA Find a Retailer, USA Showrooms

AUS Art Select parquet, AUS Find a Retailer, AUS Showroom

Please note: Neil is a highly skilled specialist floor fitter who is able to cut and redesign our products in more complex ways. If you’re interested in any of the designs above, be sure to talk it through with your local retailer (links above) to be sure they are able to provide you with a fitter capable of recreating your chosen design.

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